Inhibit melanin production for a brighter and more even complexion.
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White Pearl Serum 50ml

An illuminating serum for instantly fairer and brighter skin.

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Intense Whitening Kit

A 2-step routine with whitening cleanser and pearl serum for fairer and brighter skin.

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Whitening Skin Care Products Singapore

Evans Dermalogical offers a wide range of whitening skin care products to various consumers in Singapore who want to achieve lighter and more radiant skin. At our online skin care shop, you will find skin whitening solutions containing skin-improving ingredients such as Vitamin C, Phytoene, Phytofluene, and more. Through our skin whitening products, we are able to provide a safe way for our customers in Singapore to achieve brighter skin.

How do skin whitening products work?

Skin whitening is a cosmetic process that aims to lighten or brighten dark areas of the skin or achieve a fairer skin tone. This can be achieved by applying skin whitening products on the skin. If you wish to achieve lighter and radiant-looking skin, you need to find skin care products that can genuinely target and improve your skin’s problem areas.

How do skin whitening products work? In a nutshell, whitening skin care products contain ingredients such as Vitamin C, glycolic acid, and niacinamide that work to block or decrease the body's melanin production. Melanin is a skin pigment created by the body's cells, called melanocytes, that gives the skin its unique tone of colour. The more melanin the body produces, the darker the skin's appearance. Skin whitening products come into the picture by slowing down or decreasing melanin production to reveal a lighter and brighter complexion.

Why do people use skin whitening products?

The demand for whitening skin care products has been increasing in Singapore and globally. With more people finding ways to address acne scars, dark spots, ageing skin, uneven skin tone, and other skin-related concerns, skin whitening products are now increasingly in demand. Many people are now looking for skin whitening products to achieve a more even skin tone and blemish-free skin. Evans Dermalogical has formulated products such as the C-White Depigmenting Concentrate to target dark spots, uneven skin, and acne scars, resulting in a flawless and fair skin.

What ingredients do we use in our skin whitening products?

Most whitening skin care products use one or more ingredients to achieve the desired effect. Combining two or more skin-restoring ingredients can help create a formulation that can whiten the skin effectively. Evans Dermalogical’s skin whitening product formulation uses nature’s natural skin-healing ingredients to create skin care solutions that can address skin discolouration, dark spots, and other skin concerns. 

We use ingredients that target areas of concern to produce visible results after several uses. The key active ingredients in our skin whitening line include:

  • Vitamin C - for brightening and evening out dull skin
  • Natural AHA (from Phytessence Pink Pomelo) - for gently stimulating cell renewal
  • Brightlette - for minimising melanin deposition
  • SLC (Skin Lightening Complex) - for reducing pigmentation
  • Niacinamide - for UV protection
  • Solawhite Pearls - for immediate brightening and whitening effect
  • Algowhite - for reducing melanin synthesis

Why choose Evans Dermalogical’s whitening skin care products?

If you are considering using skin whitening products, choosing the ones that fit your needs is essential. There may be a variety of brands in Singapore that promise to make the skin complexion fairer with regular use. However, some whitening products may be too harsh on the skin, while others might not be able to address your skin concern effectively. Whitening products can range from serums and creams to gels and oils. You need to buy the right skin whitening products from a brand in Singapore that offers safe and effective skin whitening options. These products are your best choice if you wish to achieve lighter skin without using harmful ingredients that can damage your skin.

Evans Dermalogical offers clinically-tested skin whitening products that brightens the skin, giving it a radiant glow. Aside from our skin whitening products, we also include a line of dull skin care products, Vitamin C serum for skin discolouration, and anti aging skin products. You can buy our skin whitening products online and take advantage of our free Singapore-wide delivery for a minimum check out of S$60. Contact us for more information on our skin care products.