Maintain firmer, brighter, and smoother skin with these antioxidant-rich products that revive and rejuvenate skin.

Anti-Ageing Products in Singapore

Many factors can contribute to skin ageing. Naturally, it occurs due to age because your skin will slowly lose its elasticity and become more fragile as you grow older. However, another factor to take into account is exposure to harmful UV rays, which is one of the main causes of premature ageing. 

When it comes to combating signs of ageing, adding the right skincare products to your routine is a must to ensure your skin has the protection and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and firm. You can get all this from Evans Dermalogical’s anti-ageing facial and skin products. 

Evans Dermalogical has a line of anti-ageing products that are formulated to help your skin stay healthy and maintain its youthful glow. From white tomato cleansers and serums to Vitamin C serums, buy all you need in one online platform in Singapore.

What are anti-ageing products?

Anti-ageing skin and facial products are specially made to help retain skin moisture, firmness, and elasticity to prevent the signs of skin ageing. You can supplement your anti-ageing products with other skincare products that aim to reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation, as well as nourish the skin. 

What ingredients are used in our anti-ageing skincare products?

In Evans Dermalogical anti-ageing products, there are two main series — namely Diamond Tomato®

 and Vitamin C. The former has non-GMO White Tomatoes as one of its key active ingredients. Here’s what you should know about them:

Diamond Tomato® Series

Diamond Tomato® range of products is formulated with a special breed of natural, white tomatoes from Israel. They contain colourless carotenoids called Phytoene and Phytofluene, which are known to help in protecting the skin from UV damage. 

Generally, these white tomatoes do not absorb light from the visible spectrum; they reflect visible white light and absorb light from a lower wavelength, like UV rays. There are two types of UV rays, known as UVA and UVB. UV-A, which causes skin ageing and wrinkles, is absorbed by Phytofluene while UV-B is absorbed by Phytoene.

Other benefits of Diamond Tomato® are preventing the formation of sunspots or hyperpigmentation and brightening skin complexion.

You can reap the benefits of white tomatoes with our Diamond Tomato® skincare products.

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin C provides one of the best anti-ageing properties, helping the skin in maintaining a smooth and vibrant complexion. Being an antioxidant, Vitamin C has powerful molecules that can neutralise free radicals on the skin, restoring balance and improving healthy cellular activity.

Other benefits of Vitamin C include maintaining the skin’s hydration, boosting collagen production, and evening out skin tone. You can check out our collection of anti-ageing Vitamin C serums here. 

Which signs of ageing do our products treat?

  • Fine lines & wrinkles - This can be treated with a combination of our Diamond Tomato® products and Vitamin C products, as the Diamond Tomato® products help in preventing UV-ray damage while Vitamin C products can help with collagen production.
  • Dry skin and rough skin texture - You can use our Vitamin C serums to retain moisture on your skin and keep it plump and hydrated.
  • Dull and uneven skin tone - You can brighten dull skin and even out skin tone through the photoprotective properties of the Diamond Tomato® products, as well as the restorative properties of our Vitamin C serums. 

How do I know if I need anti-ageing products?

Prevention is key when it comes to anti-ageing skincare. Your skin begins to age very gradually after the age of 25. It is better to start young and prevent early signs of skin ageing, such as when your first few pigmentation spots or fine lines and wrinkles appear, rather than wait till the wrinkles are much deeper and pigmentation is darker.
Even when you’re young, it’s still essential that you use moisturiser and sunscreen every day. A moisturiser can help your skin stay hydrated while sunscreens can help in preventing UV rays from damaging your skin and slow down the development of visible signs of skin ageing.

But it’s also recommended that people in their 40s or 50s should also have a consistent skincare routine, as well. That way they can reduce the natural signs of ageing. Making use of effective anti-ageing skin and facial products in Singapore will help keep your skin glowing and healthy even as you grow older. 

Why choose Evans Dermalogical’s anti-ageing products over other brands?

What sets Evans Dermalogical apart from other anti-ageing products is that we use natural ingredients as we believe in the power of nature and its ability to address our skin and body needs. Our active ingredients have undergone rigorous clinical trials and tests to substantiate their safety and efficacy, so we can offer you anti-ageing skin and facial products that can effectively help you get youthful-looking skin.

Are you looking for high-quality natural skincare products in Singapore? Buy them online at Evans Dermalogical today!