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Annette Mango/ Youth Serum

Very lightweight and spreads easily. Skin is definitely brighter and spots on cheeks seems less obvious too. Neck lines also seems to fade a little. Overall, love the serum as it is effective.

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Jia Ling/ 15% Vitamin C Serum

The consistency of the serum is quite oily but it absorbed well and did not cause pimples. After 1 month, I noticed pores have become slightly smaller and skin has turned brighter. Not much change on fine lines


Sarah/ Collagen Mask

Costs abit more than the usual mask but it's really worth it as it covers the chin and neck. The ear hooks really secures the mask in place and my chin and neck feel tighter and firmer after use. Feels great!


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Etienne/ Collagen Mask

My essential mask during travelling. Love the neck parts the most!

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Liz Chan/ Youth Serum

Noticed that have slightly different in my skin tone after 14days used. Felt my skin become more hydrated and more radiant look. The textures very lightweight one or two drops can apply to own face super fast absorption too.

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Emily/ 15% Vitamin C Serum

Love this product! It gives an instant glow to the skin from the first time I use it. And the glow stays throughout without feeling greasy. It's a high quality product and will definitely recommend to my friends.


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Jessline Tan/ 15% Vitamin C Serum

After 3 weeks of consistent use can see a reduction in pigmentation and a more radiant complexion overall. Skin feel firmer and more elastic too. Texture is good. will continue to use and hope to see more visible results.

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Monica/ Deodorant Roll On

I picked up the Evans natural deodorant that they have in Singapore. And it actually help with smell and it smell really good. So I think it really attach the bacteria.

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Annamercier/ Youth Serum

I love the glow right after application. It is easy to spread around my tonered face. It does not gives any scent. I do feel the face slightly tighten after using it from the 3rd week.


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Jenxelaw/ Collagen Mask

Stretchy materials and comes with double ear hooks to cover face and chin. I love the size and fits for my chin.My skin looks more brighter after used.

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Lauraloy / 15% Vitamin C Serum

It spreads and absorbs easily and has a pleasant fragrance. I have been using it for over a week with my usual moisturiser and my face appeared to be more hydrated radiant and firm. I will continue to use it to see its full effects.


Huilee86/ Youth Serum

U have to try it to believe it. Its very light weight and easily absorb.Over the days. I can see the gradual glow on my face.Very worth trying if u r on the lookout for a new product.


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Nurulbashir/ Youth Serum

I had dry skin due to pregnancy hormones and changed skincare twice.Incorporated this serum in my routine and it made a big difference.Skin has lesser fine lines no peeling plumper no pimples smaller pores and importantly skin remain hydrated throughout the day.Product is non sticky fast absorbent light and easy to apply on skin.

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Theacesistersandmummyfay / Youth Serum

After using the Youth Serum for almost a month I can indeed see some glow on my face and my skin becomes clearer and smoother. I like it that the serum is light non sticky and fast absorbed into my skin. I will continue to use it for more optimum results.

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Kecying/ 15% Vitamin C Serum

After two weeks of use, my skin texture has visibly improved with smaller pores and more even coloration. The blotchiness from past acne scars have lightened and I am now much more confident even without make up!


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