Our Brand Story

Evans Dermalogical, the power of nature for your skin


The Power of Nature

Evans Dermalogical was borne out of the belief that Nature possesses many wonders that can be harnessed to address our skin and body’s needs. We believe firmly in the power of Nature and understand that by carefully cultivating and selecting the right ingredients, we will be able to imbue our products with the efficacy to address all of our skin’s needs.

We work closely with a team of like-minded suppliers who share our belief in the power of Nature and scour the world for the best that Nature has to offer. From the sweeping lavender fields in the south of France to the deserts of Morocco, the active ingredients in our products are judiciously selected and lovingly harvested so that you can reap its full benefits in a jar.

It is, however, not enough to simply select the best that Nature has to offer. We also ensure that our products go through rigorous clinical trials and tests to validate its safety and efficacy. In so doing, we combine the power of Nature with the surety of science and medicine.