Diamond Tomato® Series

Diamond Tomato® Collagen Mask with Dragon Fruit Extract

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Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Collagen Mask with Dragonfruit helps to firm and lift the skin, thanks to its unique lifting technology and active ingredients, while also providing antioxidant and anti-pollution properties.

Suitable for all skin types. Contains 3 sheets of mask.


  • Non-GMO white tomatoes proven to inhibit melanin production and melanin synthesis in the skin
  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to protect skin against free radical damage and environmental pollution
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces collagen degradation in the skin
  • Lifts and firms skin, including neck and chin area

Suitable for all skin types. 

    Customer Reviews

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    One of the best sheet masks I've tried!

    Costs abit more than the usual mask but it's really worth it as it covers the chin and neck. The ear hooks really secures the mask in place and my chin and neck feel tighter and firmer after use. Feels great!