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Expert Tips on How You Can Get Glowing and Radiant Skin

Expert Tips on How You Can Get Glowing and Radiant Skin

Who doesn’t desire skin that shines with health, clarity, and radiance? Glowing skin isn't just about aesthetics; it's an indicator of good health, confidence, and self-care. It's what gives us that extra bounce in our step, making us feel beautiful both inside and out.

This article aims to provide you with top-notch advice on achieving beautiful skin that glows. From skincare basics to advanced tips, we've got you covered. And why trust us? 

Evans Dermalogical has been dedicated to skin health for over 23 years, evolving and adapting to the needs of our community. Over the years, we've earned awards from Daily Vanity and Beauty Insider. These accreditations serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and efficacy, with our research team being the backbone of our efforts. We partner with qualified industry experts to bring the best, most effective skincare solutions to you.

So, as you navigate the world of skincare and beauty, know that you're in expert hands with Evans Dermalogical. 

What is Glowing Skin?

Glowing skin is skin at its healthiest: hydrated, free from noticeable blemishes, and showing evenness in tone. It's not about achieving perfection—everyone has unique skin with its own challenges and strengths. It’s about understanding what makes your skin glow and celebrating it at every stage of your skincare journey. Achieving glowing, radiant skin is more than just a beauty goal; it's a reflection of your overall health, self-care, and confidence.

Factors that Influence Skin Health


Genetics undoubtedly influence our skin, with some naturally having smoother complexions while others grapple with issues like acne. However, genetics isn't our skin's final fate. With tailored care and the right products, we can enhance our skin's beauty by brightening it naturally. Remember, we might inherit our genes, but we have the tools to keep our skin radiant and healthy.


It's a common scenario: a pesky pimple appearing right before a significant event. Such sudden breakouts are often due to hormonal fluctuations, which can change dramatically at different life stages, such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. These shifts in hormone levels can affect oil production, skin cell turnover, and inflammation, leading to changes in your skin's texture, appearance, and overall health. But with the right care and understanding, you can navigate these hormonal challenges and maintain a balanced complexion.

Health Conditions and Medications

Health conditions can significantly impact the condition of your skin. Deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals and certain skin-related illnesses like dermatitis and psoriasis can all contribute to excessively dry skin. In addition, underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and kidney disease can also influence skin health.

Treatments like dialysis and cancer therapies, along with certain medications such as statins for lowering cholesterol and diuretics to reduce fluid and salt build-up, can worsen skin dryness. 

If you have any of these health conditions, had these treatments or are on such medications, it's crucial to understand their potential impact on your skin. Adjust your skincare routine accordingly and seek advice from healthcare professionals to maintain healthy skin.


External elements like pollution, sun exposure, and the quality of your indoor environment can have a profound impact on the health and appearance of your skin. Factors such as prolonged sun exposure can lead to premature ageing, while pollution can clog pores, leading to breakouts and dullness. Even indoors, dry air can strip the skin of its natural moisture. A robust skincare routine isn't just about products but understanding and addressing these environmental challenges. By incorporating sunscreens, moisturisers, and periodic deep-cleansing treatments, you can safeguard your skin from these external aggressors.

Diet and Exercise Habits

Healthy skin is a reflection of what you consume. A balanced diet, rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, promotes skin health and provides a natural glow. If you're wondering how to make your skin glow naturally at home, start by incorporating nutrient-rich foods like berries and leafy greens into your daily meals. These foods are packed with antioxidants that combat skin stressors and help maintain a vibrant complexion. Furthermore, hydrating adequately keeps skin radiant while limiting sugary foods can prevent breakouts. Additionally, regular exercise enhances blood circulation, nourishing skin cells and imparting a natural glow. Together, good food and activity are how you get healthy, youthful skin.

Tips for Glowing Skin

1. Understand Your Skin Type

Understanding your skin type is the cornerstone of effective skincare for getting glowing and radiant skin. Depending on whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, there are specific products formulated to cater to these skin types to ensure you reap the most benefits. By tailoring your skincare routine to your skin type, you can address issues unique to you and enhance your skin's natural beauty. This tip ensures you aren't wasting time or money on unsuitable products and that you're giving your skin the best care possible.

2. Choose a Gentle, pH-balanced Cleanser 

Choosing a cleanser that respects your skin's natural barriers is essential for achieving and maintaining glowing and radiant skin. The right product will clean away dirt and impurities without over-stripping or causing dryness. This balance ensures that while the day's grime is washed away, your skin's essential oils remain intact, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and nourished, rather than tight or irritated.

3. Select a Moisturiser Based on Your Skin Type

Keeping your skin hydrated is key to maintaining a radiant and youthful appearance. Using a moisturiser tailored to your specific skin type ensures that your skin receives the right amount of hydration without causing issues like breakouts or excessive oiliness. When your skin is well-moisturised, it not only looks plumper and more vibrant but also feels softer and more supple. 

4. Always Use Broad-spectrum SPF 30 or Above 

Consistent sun protection is one of the most crucial steps in any skincare routine. Prolonged exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays can accelerate the ageing process, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, it increases the risk of skin discolouration and serious health concerns like skin cancer. Hence, regardless of the weather or season, applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily is essential to shield your skin from these harmful effects and maintain its youthful radiance.

5. Use the Right Type of Serum

Evans 15% Vitamin C Serum

With a higher concentration of active ingredients, serums are designed to address particular issues more effectively than other products. Their lightweight formula ensures they penetrate deeper, delivering potent ingredients right where they're needed. So, if you're battling dullness, signs of ageing, or dehydration, introducing a serum into your routine, such as a vitamin C serum, is how you’ll have the glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

6. Be Conscious of the Ingredients in Your Skin Care Products 

Being informed is key to effective skincare. The list of ingredients on your product isn't just a label; it's a roadmap to understanding how it works. If a product causes irritation or doesn't deliver results, a glance at its components can often reveal the culprit. By understanding what you're applying, you can tailor your skincare routine to your unique needs and ensure you're nurturing, not neglecting, your skin.

7. Choose the Right Skin Brightening Face Mask

Evans Diamond Tomato Mask

For that added glow, choose masks that focus on reviving and evening out your skin tone. They can provide that much-needed rejuvenation, making your skin appear fresher and more radiant.

8. Incorporate Skin-Healthy Foods into Your Diet

Nutrition plays a crucial role in skin health, and there's a natural way to make your skin glow right from the comfort of your home. By adding antioxidant-rich foods like berries and hydrating options like cucumbers to your diet, you're essentially nourishing your skin from within. This simple practice helps your skin combat various stressors, leaving it looking vibrant and supple.

9. Prioritise Hydration, Sleep, and Stress Management

A well-rounded lifestyle is key to radiant skin. Staying hydrated, ensuring adequate sleep, and managing stress not only benefits your overall health but also reflects positively on your complexion. When you prioritise these aspects, your skin responds with a natural, healthy glow.

10. Know When to Consult a Dermatologist

Persistent or worsening skin concerns shouldn't be ignored. Seeking advice from a skincare professional ensures that you're getting the best guidance tailored to your specific needs, helping to address and resolve issues effectively.

11. Stick to a Simple, Effective Skincare Routine

Maintaining a simple yet effective skincare routine is crucial for achieving and sustaining radiant skin. While the market offers numerous products and complex regimens, simplicity is key. A simple skincare routine is advisable as multi-step routines can lead to overuse of various active ingredients, potentially causing skin irritation and nullifying desired effects. 

Moreover, it is not only easier to follow, but also saves costs. Start with the basics: gentle cleansing, moisturising, and daily sun protection (SPF 30 or higher). Add specialised products like serums or masks if needed. A tailored, straightforward routine suits any skin type, avoids overloading, and lets you see lasting, glowing results over time.

12. Be Consistent, but Also Patient

Maintaining a consistent skincare routine is the secret to success. Although instant transformations are rare, the reward lies in the gradual progress you'll achieve through regular care and patience. By sticking to your daily regimen, which includes incorporating methods and products that brighten skin naturally, you'll begin to observe significant improvements in your skin's texture and overall appearance over time. Remember, it's the small, consistent steps that pave the way for lasting, beautiful results. So, stay committed to your skincare journey, and the positive changes will become increasingly evident.

Are You Ready for Glowing and Radiant Skin?

Glowing skin is within reach with the right knowledge and consistent care. By considering factors that impact skin health and following our expert tips, you can work towards achieving the beautiful skin you've always desired. 

And if you're looking for quality and affordable product options, explore Evans Dermalogical's range to elevate your routine. We offer skincare solutions that are not only effective but also budget-friendly, ensuring that you can invest in your skin without breaking the bank. 

Your skin deserves the best, and we're here to provide it at a price that suits you.